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A Little Something about Me


I'm Maya, 31 yrs old, a wife to Nurun Shahrir bin Ramli and mother of 2 lovely kids, Nurun Aidid and Nurun Aesha Jasmya.

 I am a loving and easy-going person with much things to say every here and there. There are many thing I like to do, to see and to experience. Likes to read, like to think, to dream, to talk, to listen and  so passionate with baking and cake decorating. 

I like to cuddle on bed, surfing the net, like to be surrounded by my kids, I like good foods, good books, I like jokes, humors and romance movies. 

I like the pouring rains, I like the smell of wet grass, the color of the sky. I love to be at home whenever i find myself, be pampered, be encouraged for my passion and to be loved for myself and my talent. I am a social person and love outing. I am hot-headed and indomitable. Somehow impatience when come to some issues.

1994, Vocasional School Kuala Kangsar (now is Technic) was where it kicked started.  When i first baked my very own cakes, cookies and even bread from scratches, then i knew that I passionately wanted to do that exact thing again.     I built my own skills in years by learn thru my very own mistakes and others, flips  every single page of cake decoration manuals which can easily found, mess up the whole kitchen and runs out my credit card limits  to feed my passion's hunger.

But that was years ago during my bachelor's life. In recent years, being a working mom and wife, my needs and wants clashed. Now hopefully I will back on track and Sweet Toothy is another kick-start to  share with you my passion and love for cakes, cookies, chocolate and etc.  And really hope that i could serve u well, as a customer as well as friend

Have a good day! Cheers...